How to Stay Safe During an Online Transaction

When we buy from an online shop, we more or less give our personal data to them, such as the info of our bank account, address, and often, emails. To a pro hacker, those data are already enough for them to get into your money. Credit card thievery has been a common case, and most of its victims were people who have a history of purchasing items online.

Luckily, we can prevent such a misfortune from happening. Not that we blame the scammed and claim that the perpetrators were not guilty, but we must realize that the avoiding the crime can cost less than fighting it.

Checking on the address

Shipping2By address here, it means both the physical and digital. Sites have a date of their publication, and the longer it has been established, the more ensuring it is. Normally, a site has a Contact page that leads to their physical address. Investigate the address using Google and see if it is real. If there is phone or email you can reach, try them before you put goods on the chart and pay them with your credit card.

Spotting the language

Language does matter, and it shows the seriousness of the store to communicate with their customers. Many scam sites are built overseas, and they use rough translation. It is an easy trait to spot, too easy we mostly forget about it.

When you contact the address and find out the customer care does not speak in your language, you should avoid any transaction at all cost. The risk is not worth it. You must know that your deal with the store does not end by the time you pay the item. You must be in touch with the customer care during the shipping until the item is on your hand. If a bad thing happens, customer care is the one and only who can help you. And not speaking the same language will surely bring a lot of problems just in case the worst has happened.

Prefer the e-commerce platforms

ShipmentE-commerce serves as a portal for selected sellers. They often have audited the credibility of their sellers, which means much better security at your end. Also, an e-commerce platform is often already popular and has millions of users. It means that they have a reputation to maintain, which is also good news for you.

When we purchase from an e-commerce platform, our deal is with them. We can file a complaint and get a refund directly from the platform. And just in case you do not get adequate attention, you can always bring your case to the public. Tell your story in the top review sites, and you will be most likely to get the platform’s attention. Trust is an important issue in an online transaction. Once a platform is not trustworthy, they will lose their customers quickly.

Paying through a payment platform

Payment PlatformPayment platform is superior to a direct credit card use. When you give your data to the store, they may not have proper security for data storing. But payment platform is specialized in user data protection, and thus they can provide impenetrable security for you. Let us take PayPal for example. The security system itself has never been hacked. Most of the hack cases are by unsuspecting victims opening scam email.