Tips On Dealing With Counterfeit Goods

The business of counterfeit products is proliferating especially after online shopping booms out. There was a time when spotting counterfeited goods was as easy. Fake brands manufacturers used to put a slightly modified logo of the famous product it copies. As an example, the brand Adidos would be the stock off of Adidas. But now, those frauds have become braver than before. Most of them have used logos and models similar to the original ones.

Then how are we supposed to know whether a product is a fake or not?

Before you buy

magnifying glassOfficial Store is your best bet. Make sure you buy the items from the official online store or its designated franchise website. If you buy it from an e-commerce site or others, check on the seller’s credibility. One way to do it is to see if there are mailing address and phone number on the contact tab. Google the address and find out if it is a real one. The next thing you can do is to check if there are negative reviews from the customers. You can search from Google or Bing directly. But you can also see the hashtag on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook.

Do not forget to ask for additional pictures other than the ones displayed on the site. Usually, a counterfeit seller steals pictures from the internet and posts them as if they were the real product. If the store cannot provide any, you must not cut the deal. Additionally, pay attention to the pricing. If the price is too good to be true, the chance is that the product is a fake.

If you already bought one

Online purchaseThe first thing you need to do is to reach the seller and see if you can return the good and get a refund. However, some online stock off sellers mean to scam the consumers from the very beginning and will not give any refund. If you meet a seller like this, collect your evidence, like the receipt, the pictures of the products, the description that the sellers posted, and the screenshots of your chats.

If you buy it through an e-commerce platform, you can submit the evidence to the customer service. But if you buy it from others, such as from a buying and selling forum, you can report the case to the administrator. You can also bring the person to online justice by making your case public. It prevents others from getting scammed the same way as you.

Getting a refund

ShoppingWhen you can get your case to an authorized party, you should follow all the procedures. Commonwealth Bank is among other authorities that promise a refund for a disgruntling customer. They will investigate any reported case about counterfeit goods and track down the seller.…